DESIGNERS, please read:

I’m making some changes in my SL from September/2016. I will focus on creating professional pictures, working as blogger manager, learning mesh (Yay!), and doing events. I worked long time as blogger in SL, but I decided to stop blogging for brands and continue blogging freely and for some events.

WHY? I don’t like to not cumply all rules and requeriments for each brand which is being very restrict. My time in SL is very limited after marriage, and as a lover of ART I want keep learning techniques to “level up” my creativity with different programs without pressure about “quantity”. I’m really sorry for all sponsors if I couldn’t bring a good result as blogger, but I have to say that I enjoyed that long period working with you all, creating looks in my best way. I hope everyone understand my opinion and decision ❤ and Thanks to everyone who gave me the opportunity!

I will still be there, and I’m already looking for interesting brands for my events, which will help RL causes (end of this year). IF you have interest, please visit this website for more informations. The main events I will do is to help the RL causes. I like doing it since my teen ^^ and I see lot of opportunity in SL as well! The Charity name I’m helping now is WAR CHILD, a really big charity that is acting against the huge cancer in the world called war. Please, support them too!

Thank you for reading!
I hope we could work together and have a good friendship 🙂

PS. I don’t like ‘unfriendly’ and ‘egocentric’ people.
If you are famous, successful, I’m happy about it! But, don’t try to be rude or arrogant with others. You are just another in a huge world of talented people 😉 





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