Flor means Flower, and in japanese Hana.



My hobby is to blog, and take pictures! Edition is my passion from long years; I’m learning digital painting with wacom right now. I want to become a professional photographer, so I’m working hard on this idea. If you are looking for vendor pictures, I’m here for this challenge!

I don’t follow any style or tendency to blog my “arts”. It is always different mood, colors, places and so on. I try to do my best enjoying the variety of art we can make with fashion + creativity. I’m always looking for quality than quantity and original designs creators.

I love to admire and analise the colors, plants, animals, insects(love them!) and cultures. I enjoy mixing and matching colors without any rules of fashion styles. My new blog name idea shows exactly what I do:


Important point:

Antichrist symbols (click) is getting lot of tendency around, sorry I refuse to follow it. God is the Trinity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit! Don’t play with it.

Contact: Flor Held


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